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Synthinite V7.0 VSTi (32-bit)

Synthinite V7.0 VSTi (32-bit)

Genre: Makina

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Synthinite is a powerful, easy to use virtual synthesizer with over 70 presets ready to use in your tracks!


Whats new in Version 7.0?
- A 3rd Multi Osc with FM feature
- Noise knob
- Bitcrusher Effect
- New layout
- EQ Cut knobs for cutting unwanted lows/highs



- 3 Multi Osc's (Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, Noise)
- Pitch envelope
- Master pitch knob
- Portamento
- Distortion
- Amp Envelope
- Pitch Envelope
- Different filter types
- 2 LFO's that can be linked to Pitch, Amp or Filter
- Delay & Reverb
- Save and load presets/banks
and more!...

All our vst plugins come with free updates that will be sent to your email as soon as they are released.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or greater
VST compatible host software

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