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Synthetik - Game Over EP (12")

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Be one of the first 20 customers to pre-order and we'll mention your name on the back of the sleeve as a special thanks for your support! Production will begin once we have the 20 names and can finalize the artwork.

This is our first vinyl release of the year and our very first release from one of the freshest new producers in the Makina scene, Synthetik.

Jamie (Synthetik) joined us in 2021 through our Makina Course and has been making waves and dropping slammers on multiple labels since then!

This is a limited short run of vinyl for those of you that like to have those rare 12" releases in your collection that will never be pressed again. 

Side A features 2 brand new tracks from Synthetik that should appeal to fans of both classic Spanish and more recent North East Makina. These tracks are high energy and loaded with cuts and fills that are a dream for DJ's to mix with.

Side B features a brand new spanish style track from one of our original producers from the early Rewired days - Mobbzy, and an uplifting trancy / north east vibe from Infinite!



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