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Rave Bundle 1

Rave Bundle 1

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4 massive sample packs spanning a wide range of rave sub-genres!

Everything you need to make slamming Rave anthems!

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As well as Wav Samples you also get 9 x FL Projects, and a load of MIDI files and Presets

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What's Included?

--- Makina Toolkit 5 ---

It's been 10 years since we released Makina Toolkit 4 so we're really happy to bring you the 5th instalment in the series, jam-packed with fresh samples, MIDIs and presets to make your Makina tracks stand out!

We've also included 8 FL Studio Projects created from the pack (the songs you can hear in the preview) so you can tweak, experiment and learn from them.


FL Projects x 8
MIDI Files x 13
Presets (FL's Sytrus VST) x 7
Bass Samples x 68
Drum Samples x 165
Screech Samples x 30
Stab Samples x 64
Synth Samples x 141

--- EuroDance Tools Volume 1 ---

Looking to make 90s Dance, Italo Dance, Happy Hardcore, Classic Trance and similar genres?

This is the pack for you! Loaded with hundreds of punchy and stompy kicks, bouncy bass sounds, authentic 90s percussion samples, leads and stabs, melody MIDIs and more, this pack will give you the tools you need to create epic dance anthems like we're back in the 90s / early 2000s!


Bass x 100
Kick x 100
Other Percussion x 73
FX x 13
Instruments (Samples) x 38
Melody MIDI x 32
Soundfonts x 11
Stabs x 30
Sytrus Presets x 6

--- Jason P - German Trance Volume 2 ---

Jason P is back with another massive German / Hard Trance pack loaded with everything from Drums and Bass to Loops, MIDIs and Synth samples!

There's also a full FL Project available which you can learn from or use as a template to create your own track! The project doesn't require any 3rd party VSTs at all so as long as you have an up to date version of FL Studio it will load perfectly.


Downlifter - 10
Impact - 10
Uplifter - 10

Loops (170BPM):
Acid line (Multi Key) - 10 (120 Total)
Arp (Multi Key) - 5 - (60 Total)
Trance Gate (Multi Key) - 5 - (60 Total)

Acid Line - 5
Melody & Bassline (With Pad) - 10
Trance Gate - 5

Single Hits:
Bass (C) - 50
Drums - 165 (Clap, Closed Hat, Crash, Kick, Open Hat, Percussion, Ride, Snare)
Sub Bass (C) - 10
Synth (C) - 70 (lead, Pad, Piano, Pluck, Voice)

--- Classic Rave Drums ---

Classic Rave Drums: Your favorite go-to library for Eurodance / Happy Hardcore 90's Samples

Contents : 1193 samples
212 Bassdrums
60 Claps
41 Hihats
32 Closed hats
4 Rides
26 Snares
74 Hardcore Loops 160Bpm
24 Crashes
80 FX sounds
24 303 Loops 160Bpm
37 Audio Loops 160Bpm
114 Rave Stabs
109 Vocal Cuts
356 Drums Loops 160Bpm