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Pandora VSTi v2.1 - 32bit (FREE)

Pandora VSTi v2.1 - 32bit (FREE)

Genre: Makina,North East Style

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Pandora 2 does not come with any samples. You can download the default sounds here:

Pandora is a sample-based synth which can combine up to 3 samples to create huge layered sounds. The 3 sample slots allow you to load any 3 expansion packs, or folders of wav files from your PC. There are various settings and effects that you can use to change and improve the sounds.

Main Features:
- 3 Sample slots
- Adjustable loop points for looping or controlling which part of the sample to play
- Various filter options (LP, HP, BP etc) and filter envelope
- Delay, Reverb and Bit Crusher
- Amp envelope
- Volume controls for each sound
- Reverse sample button
- Pitch settings to change note/octave

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