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How To Donk Bass - Sound Design Lesson

How To Donk Bass - Sound Design Lesson

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In this lesson we'll be recreating the classic Donk / Bamboo bass using the FREE VST - Vital!

I've also included 15 Donk Bass Presets for you to experiment with

This sound can't be created using the built in waveforms so we'll start off by creating our own Custom Wavetable in Vital, based on the waveform from the Yamaha TX81z (where the original donk was made!).

After that we'll get to work designing the initial Donk sound with just a few simple steps. From here we have tons of possibilities to shape the sound and make it our own. We'll be going over lots of different things you can do to create a huge variety of donk-style sounds by tweaking parameters and effects, and using different waveforms.

We'll also export our Donks as samples and process them, ready to be used in our tracks!