What you need to get started with Music Production

What you need to get started with Music Production

What You Need to Get Started in Music Production for (almost) FREE

It’s a common misconception that you need to spend a lot of cash on state of the art equipment, software & studio space etc to get started.

This couldn’t be further from the truth & it stops so many people beginning their journey to becoming the producer they are meant to be.

You wouldn’t believe just how many people aren’t getting started because of things like this! When in a couple of hours they could have started & been well on their way.

So let me enlighten you to the almost free way to make your start in music production today!


( My DIY studio in my garage in 2014. All of my equipment was 2nd hand and I was just using whatever I could get hold of from cash converters and car boot sales. Some of my most popular tracks were made here with this setup, including one of our most played tracks ever on Soundcloud - "Binary" )
Rewired Records · Infinite - Binary

What You Need to Get Started

1. Something to produce on 💻

This can be a Laptop or Desktop PC / Tower

It can be the dusty banger of a laptop in the back of a cupboard that you gave up on long ago, or any laptop / pc you can get hold of.

Of course a brand new, modern machine is going to run better, but to get started and learn the basics you can get away with a fairly bog-standard computer, and there are also some ways to get FL to run smoothly even on slower systems, which we'll be covering in another article soon.

Our aim here is to get you started for free or very low cost, not to set up your professional dream studio. If you are ready and able to invest money into professional gear then you might want to invest in higher spec gear that will last a long time, but it's not essential if you just want to get started and get the hang of things first.


2. Music Production Software 🥭

At Rewired Records we use ‘FL Studio’ formally known as ‘Fruity Loops’.
You can download the Free Demo of FL Studio here

This is what we use in the FREE course. The FREE demo has a few limitations but it won’t stop you from getting started with experimenting & learning the basics of the software. The most important limitation to note is that the projects you have saved can't be re-opened until you have bought FL.

The minimum version of FL you will need (Producer Edition) is currently £164 (at the time of writing this) but you don’t need to buy this until you feel ready to go to the next level & start producing full tracks.


3. Something to output the sound 🔊

For now you can use pretty much any speakers or headphones that work with your computer.

You can use cheap in ear headphones or even the laptop speakers, or spend a little more on something you can hear more clearly with, but it doesn’t have to be anything special at this point. Honestly what is MOST IMPORTANT here is that you make a start. You can get better quality equipment later.


4. FREE Tuition (optional)  ✅

To kick start your production learning journey & get your first beats down fast, download our ‘FREE Production Course’ here.

In the course you will learn how to start your first track using the FREE pack of samples, loops & sounds included. By the end of the hour you will know your way around the very basics of production & FL Studio, and you'll have the main part of a track created!

That’s it!

That’s all you need to get started & get your first beats down. Don’t put it off any longer, show yourself you are capable of production, make a start & see where your production journey takes you.

Some of the students in the Rewired Pro Course have gone from beginner to released in under 3 weeks & the speed of their success was a surprise to them. You could be next!

Keep an eye out for our annual ‘FREE Course Competition’ where you have a chance to win your way into the Rewired Pro Production Course (worth £300) by taking the Free course & posting a 60 second clip into the FREE Production Group

Don’t sit out, Don’t give up... get going & get what you need to get started. Show yourself what you can do.

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