The Rayada Pack Is Here!

The Rayada Pack Is Here!

Check it out here!

Rayadas, screeches, lasers, pitched synths - whatever you call them, they're an essential element if you want that classic Makina sound to your tracks.

Maybe this sound isn't as popular today as it used to be back when the Spanish legends like Pastis & Buenri were smashing out the 3 decks mixes in the clubs, but a lot of us still love the classic sounds and the Rayada is important if you want to create that authentic Spanish style like the unforgettable tracks from labels like Bit Music, Uptempo, and DJ's at Work.

From my personal experience I found Rayadas to be one of the hardest parts of Makina production to get the hang of because they often involve a lot of pitch modulation or portamento which is more of an advanced skill to make from scratch, and there's very little presets in any of the main commercial VST instruments that sound anything like the Spanish rayadas.

In the last few years I've made various VST plugins that make a variety of cool and unique screechy sounds including Harmonic, Elysium and Synthinite VST, but until now there has never been a go-to pack like this one that's so easy, even for the beginner producers to get the hang of.

To make a good Rayada for your track you need to master both the synth sound and the midi notes so for this pack I have included midi files and Sylenth1 presets that you can study, edit and experiment with. You can mix and match the various preset sounds and midi note patterns or tweak them to create infinite combinations and unique sounds.

I've also included over 100 royalty-free Rayada loops in various keys that you can drop straight into your track. The loops have been recorded dry (no delay or reverb) so can easily be chopped and rearranged to make your own unique loops and variations. You can add your own delay / reverb, filters, panning, distortion, chorus or any other combination of effects to spice up the sound and give them your own unique twist.

If this sounds like the pack for you, go and check it out :D

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on our Facebook page or email at

Ste (Infinite)

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