Interview with DJ PASTIS (Xque)

Interview with DJ PASTIS (Xque)

We caught up with Spanish Makina Legend, DJ Pastis to interview him about Makina and the rave scene!

RR - What inspired you to become a DJ & producer? Were there any artists or songs that influenced you?
Pastis - My inspiration was the magic that I felt watching the other DJ's playing and how they can transmit these sensations with the music. The DJ I admired the most when I began was Nando Dixcontrol

RR - What DAW / Music Software do you use?
Pastis - I use Cubase

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RR - Can you tell us some of your personal favourite songs that you have produced or worked on?
Pastis - Xque Vol 4, Take Me There, and Thank you

RR - What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?
Pastis - I work as a DJ and I would love to die playing my favourite music because music is my life!

RR - Where can we find your latest music and keep up to date with what you are doing?
Pastis - You can find a lot of my latest sessions and videos on YouTube. For my personal life you can find me on instagram (dj_pastis) or on Facebook

RR - How is the rave culture doing in your country now?
Pastis - There are not a lot of rave parties here in Spain now, in the past it was much better

RR - Are there any UK Makina artists or labels that you have been enjoying?
Pastis - I like DJ Frantic a lot

RR - Do you have any advice for new DJ's and producers?
Pastis - My advice is that they have to work with their heart and put all their feelings into the sessions!

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