Denny Interview

Denny Interview

RR Hi Paul, thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview with us. Would you mind starting off by telling us your DJ / Producer name and how long you've been producing for?

Denny Dj Denny, and I 1st started producing in 2020. It's something I've wanted to do for years and saw lockdown as an opportunity to get started

RR For our readers that aren't yet familiar with your work could you tell us a bit about the style of music you make and give us a link to one of your personal favourite tracks you've produced

Denny Yes I mainly produce makina, have always been a massive fan of it. 1st heard it in the 90s mixed in with happy hardcore and actually thought it was just rare happy hardcore back then. As for my personal favourite of my own I've gotta go with 'check this out' it's not my best as it's an early one but it's the one that 1st got me noticed as a producer. Recently rebooted it after learning more

Listen to Check This Out 2.0 (dark mix)

Listen to Dj Denny - Hawww Yeaaahhh

RR We noticed you've recently been signed to a major label (New Monkey), could you tell us a bit about that!

Denny Ahh yes I still can't believe it I saw a post on Facebook that they were looking for producers, wasn't quite sure if I was ready after only really starting in 2020 but sent a track in all the same and got the message the very next day. Wasn't expecting it at all and looking forward to some future releases!

RR Have you had any other achievements throughout your time as an artist that you got a buzz out of?

Denny Yes winning the new producer competition on rewired after doing the free course, something else I wasn't expecting!

RR What's your production journey been like so far? Has it been easier or harder than you expected it to be?

Denny The 1st year was definitely hard, was just messing about with stuff. I could sort of make a tune but always compared myself to experienced producers and wondered how they do it but got a whole lot easier after starting the rewired course.

RR What software / packs are you using most?

Denny FL Studio and a lot of the stuff on rewired, some great stuff on there for producers. Sylenth as well I've found to be a great VST

RR What's the best advice you could give to someone that wants to learn production?

Denny The rewired records course has been the main thing for me learning to produce. It's the 1st thing I recommend to anyone wanting to make tracks. Also there's no rush when making a tune. Take plenty of breaks and don't over complicate melody's - simple melodies stick in your head!

RR Have you got any goals in mind for the future, or any artists you'd like to collaborate with?

Denny Just going with the flow. Anyone who wants a collab really, I'm always game from the more experienced producers to the new starters who've got a little something going but aren't quite sure what to do with it, would be great to give someone that boost

RR Any upcoming projects we should look out for?

Denny There's a few in the pipeline. Got a few tracks started this week ranging from bouncy style makina, some Spanish style, a collab or 2 with Tommy g and my 1st proper dark German trance track that's nearly finished

RR Where can people follow and buy your music?

Denny I've got a few on TuneRush and Council Pop Sounds for sale now and some future releases coming to the new monkey. Also have sound cloud account




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