Adam a.k.a. Wilson joined us at Rewired Records as a producer earlier this year (2019).

After signing up for our production course, studying tirelessly and delivering a professional quality track to us in just few weeks, his passion for music and dedication to learning and developing his skills was clear to see.

Adam's first release 'Alchemy' flew straight to the number 1 spot in our music charts and has been one of our best selling MP3's of all time!

We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his journey as an artist so far!

How long have you been Dj'ing and when did you start Producing?

I started DJ’ing in 2003 when I was 13 and started producing in January 2019

How are you finding production? Was it as hard as you thought it would be?

To be honest I found it very hard to start with, opening Fl Studio and thinking where do I start here..
but with the help of tutorials and the Makina Production Course it’s proved to be easier and I feel as if I could make a track comfortably now but I'm always learning new things as I go

Your first release 'Alchemy' was a big success! How did it feel going from being a new producer to having a number 1 release on a label in just a few months?

Actually felt as if I was number 1 in the UK top 40 haha was a real buzz to be honest I’ve always wanted to produce and for such a short space of time actually hitting that top spot I couldn’t be happier and the support people gave in actually buying the track is amazing!

What are your favorite go-to VST's / sample packs and why?

Go-to samples has to be the packs I got from the rewired site, they're full of everything you need to produce a track. VST-wise has to be nexus and Sylenth for me at the moment with it being early days I still need to experience the others.

What have been your highlights as an artist so far?

Highlight has to be last year and this year, I’m getting sets quite a lot at numerous events which is literally the achievement I’ve always wanted especially alongside some amazing talent and actually having sets with MC’s that you only ever listened to on tapes or saw live your self.

Production wise has to be given the chance to produce for a label as big in the north east makina scene as Rewired Records, ste must have seen some sort of potential in me so it's a real privilege to be able to produce for the label!

What are your goals for the future?

Main goals are definitely a vinyl release, I still feel I’m a long way from that, I want to be the best I can be and making sure all my tracks are what a crowd is going to love. I think dj-wise I’m actually enjoying the way the journey is going at the moment, I’m getting a lot of recognition for the right reason so happy to continue and get on bigger events as the time comes.

Which tunes or artists are inspiring you at the moment? 

Infinite has to be one of the favourites although I do have a few.
Favourite tunes of his have to be Elements, Release and many more

Andy static is another good one, always produces the best of the best, I like his ideas a lot.  

Dean burns, I always say he’s too dark, bit of private joke but he’s definitely up there with best

And last one that stands out has to be Movin - his style is different, one of my favourite producers at this time, choons such as wonderland, that's a well played one from me

What tips would you give to up and coming producers or people that want to produce but think it will be too hard?

You just have to bite the bullet and get the help you need, you can spend forever watching YouTube etc but it’s tough to find the tutorials for style you want to learn. If you don't know where to start I'd highly recommend the Makina Production Course on Rewired Records, it covers everything step by step from complete beginner level up to advanced techniques so it's ideal for new producers that need some support, or even experienced producers that want to improve their knowledge and learn some new tricks.

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