Elysium is here!

Elysium is here!

Great news for producers of electronic dance music, Elysium vst is here!
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Elysium is a virtual synth that can create fat leads and euphoric pads, ideal for electronic dance music like trance, hardcore and hardstyle. The Trance Gate feature allows you to draw your own gate pattern which is great for making gated pads or stuttered leads. Elysium comes with over 35 built in presets for Lead, Bass, Pads, Plucks and more, and has empty slots for you to save your own sounds

Preview of the preset sounds:.

Main Features:
-Preset Manager (Save/Load Sound, Save/Load Bank
-Space for up to 50 preset sounds
-2 Osc's (Saw, Supersaw, Square, Supersquare)
-Trance Gate
-Amp Envelope
-Pitch Envelope
-Filter (Various filter types and settings)
-Effects (Delay and reverb)

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