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A short clip taken from our online Makina Video Course showing how to write melodies from basic chord progressionsGrab the free Chords Midi Pack here:https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/products/free-chords-midi-packGet the full Makina Course:https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/products/makina-production-course-fl-studio

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Check out more of DJ Transverze's work here :) https://www.facebook.com/djtransverzehttps://www.youtube.com/Transverzehttps://soundcloud.com/djtransverze

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Acapella, FL Studio, Makina, Midi, Music Production, Piano Roll, Tutorial, Vocals -

In this lesson we'll be covering the basic techniques for creating a vocal chop melody using FL Studio's SliceX plugin.To follow this tutorial you might also need to check out our previous videos if you aren't familiar with EQ and working with vocals:https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/blogs/fl-studio-tutorials/fl-studio-tutorial-how-to-sync-vocals-to-your-trackhttps://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/blogs/fl-studio-tutorials/fl-studio-tutorial-how-to-clean-up-your-track-with-eq

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FL Studio, Makina, Midi, Piano Roll, Tutorial -

The basics of starting a Makina remix including working with midi files, adding samples and VST plugins, layering sounds, song layout and more!

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Chords, FL Studio, Midi, Piano Roll, Tutorial -

FL Studio tutorial for writing Pads / Strings based on simple major and minor chords

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