Artist Name:
- Masonic (Andy Mason)

From the age of 12 (1992) when I was first introduced to a 1991 Carl Cox tape I fell in love with the music & scene buying and collecting tapes in there 100s.. buying my 1st ever vinyl (SMD 1) which I still have..

going onto 1994 when I had my 1st ever Commadore Amiga 1200 and all I ever played on was protrackor which was my 1st DAW with a whopping 8mb of memory haha I was creating allsorts of mixed sounds and use to sell my tapes at school … my only regret was getting rid of them all including my Amiga over a women ..big mistake. lol

anyway fast forward to age 17 (1997) I bought some decks, yet wasn’t sure what sound I liked as UK hardcore then was naff to me until one day I walked into my local record shop and got talking to the owner about music … he said “try this it’s a new sound from Spain”!! It was the one and only ADN – Barbarian.. listening to the new sound of kicks with claps, stabs, high octive lead melodies and this new techno acid pitched squeak sound called rayada was out of this world… that was it I was hooked on Makina…

for a few years I tried collecting as much as I could to bring a crowd… labels like ADN, Cyber, Vale, Djs at work was amongst many that I started Djing with… moving onto early 2000 I was obsessed with the idea of producing so I bought thousands of pounds worth of studio computer equipment with Cubase 2.. once all set up I had absolutely no idea what to do with it….

after a few years of help from other Djs and producers I made my 1st ever Makina tune called Anotonic .. (which I will have to upload again) followed by .. “do ya feel it” and so on, I’ve so far had the pleasure of playing at most main events from the Doncaster warehouse to Diztruxshon.. playing a variety of styles from Hard Trance to Makina… but my main passion right now is producing my own Makina style and sound… Thanks for reading…

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