Artist Name:
- F-Shock (Fred)

Date Of Birth:
- September 1990

Town, Country:
- Chelles, France

Started Producing / DJ'ing in:
- 2005 (DJing), 2007 (producing)

Joined Rewired In (Year):
- 2018

What has it been like working with Rewired?
- A great pleasure. Ste is an awesome label owner, always here even for the worst. The Rewired family is great too.

What artists inspired you?
- Most of 2000s makina artists (Ruboy, Pastis y Buenri, Gerard Requena, Pildo...)

What events have you played at?
- None. No makina events here. As far as I know.

What are your greatest achievements and favourite songs or mixes you have made?
- "Acid Trip", typical but good melody. I also made my first mix session on August 2018 for Rewired (more to come soon, if only bases tracks were more frequently published).

What are your goals for the future?
- More sweat, more followers. For the Spanish-style makina to be more renowned in the electronic scene.

Do you have a message for up and coming artists in the scene?
- Keep working, never give up. Most of all if you're passionate.

Other info:
- I'm better known as a hardcore/gabber producer named Scorpyd. Hardcore has, is, and always be my life.
I'm even focused on makina as a side project ; thanks to that genre I've discovered the whole hardcore techno scene.

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