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Here's a load of really useful websites that you'll probably want to save in your favorites. Everything you could need as a producer from equipment and software to midis and remix packs. If you know of any good websites we've missed, feel free to add your own in the comments. Please only add legit websites, no dodgy torrent or illegal filesharing sites :p Loopmasters Royalty-free Sample packs, Soundbanks, Remix packs and loads more cool stuff. There's nothing specifically for Makina music but there's plenty of packs for Hardcore, Hard Dance, Trance and similar genres so there's definitely sounds that would work...

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If your mixes and tracks sound poor quality, this might be why. We get sent a lot of tracks and mixes that have this problem, but there is a very simple solution to avoid it in future. This applies to recording (DJ mixes, vocals, instruments) and producing. If your volume goes above 0db it can distort which will ruin the quality of your sound. All you need to do is turn your volumes down a little so that nothing goes above 0bd. You should have a volume meter / indicator on your recording software that will show you if your levels...

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Want to show off your skills and get your music heard by thousands of people? Would you like to get promoted and released on a record label? Fancy winning £50 cash and some Music Production Tools? If you answered yes to any of these then you might be interested in our Remix Competition! There are 5 remix packs available on our site and you can choose any of them to base your remix on. This gives you the freedom to pick a track that inspires you instead of being forced to remix the same track that everyone else is remixing. Here's 1...

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Check it out here! Rayadas, screeches, lasers, pitched synths - whatever you call them, they're an essential element if you want that classic Makina sound to your tracks. Maybe this sound isn't as popular today as it used to be back when the Spanish legends like Pastis & Buenri were smashing out the 3 decks mixes in the clubs, but a lot of us still love the classic sounds and the Rayada is important if you want to create that authentic Spanish style like the unforgettable tracks from labels like Bit Music, Uptempo, and DJ's at Work. From my personal experience I...

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Over 40 FREE presets for Sylenth1 VST including Bass, Lead, Pads, Screeches and more! Grab it here!

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